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      Have you mastered all the functions of the intelligent water pump

      Now has the era of intelligence, many things around us are already intelligent operation, in a home decoration, all household appliances can choose intelligent operation, a mobile phone can control all, with the continuous development of technology, intelligent water pump is also applied in it.

      The production of intelligent water pump also applies the current cloud storage, big data, mobile phone app in Qizong, which also makes the water pump more intelligent. It is also a mobile phone that can realize the whole process operation, simple and practical. In the past, the water pump used PLC to control the water pump and display the operation data on the PC, which is also known as the intelligent water pump. However, the performance of the intelligent water pump is better now. The dynamic monitoring is implemented on the mobile phone to monitor and control all the water pumps in the unit, which saves manpower and does not require the staff to monitor. Of course, it needs to be checked again after a long time, Some faults can be alerted through the mobile phone, and problems can be timely checked and repaired.



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