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      Details of garden humidification pump

      It is not difficult to use the garden humidification pump. When using it, you need to understand some small details of the operation, and do a good job of inspection, so that you can continue to operate in normal use. If you hear abnormal noise when using it, you need to stop the inspection to see what part of the problem is, what part can be heard in general, and then continue the in-depth inspection, Determine which part of the problem is and adjust it.
      Garden humidification pump

       When the garden humidification pump is shut down for inspection, first close the gate valve and pressure gauge, and then stop the motor. Change the lubricating oil 100 hours in the first month of work, and then change it every 500 hours to supplement in time to reduce friction. When it comes to friction, it is necessary to regularly check the wear and tear, and replace the parts with larger wear and tear in time. Don't think that it will last for a period of time, which is bound to cause greater failure.

      If the garden humidification pump is not used for a long time, the pump needs to be disassembled, each part needs to be maintained, then smeared with grease, packed and stored, and then waiting for the next use.



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