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      What to do when the water pump of the car wash can not be activated in use

      If the water pump of car wash is not working normally, it will affect daily work. If the manufacturer has spare water pump or several ones have little influence, if only one equipment fails to work normally, what causes the water pump to fail to start?

      There are many factors that cause the water pump of car wash to fail to start normally. First, it is caused by the large heat of the pump, and the overheating protection will also stop the pump from running. In this case, it can be stopped for a while, and it is also a relatively simple problem.

      Water pump of car wash

      The flow of the water pump of the car wash is insufficient, the water can not be absorbed, the strong vibration, the motor temperature is too high, etc. all are the reasons for the failure to start normally. When checking, we can start with these, and find out the real problems to solve the problems. If it is caused by insufficient flow, this is caused by the power speed mismatch or belt slipping, which causes the low speed. The improvement of performance starts with the improvement of these problems.



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