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      What if there is air in the water inlet pipe and pump body of the water pump

      When the water pump is in normal use, if there is air in the inlet pipe and pump body, it needs to be shut down for inspection, understand the specific situation of the water pump and repair it before continuing the following work, otherwise it will be a kind of damage to the pump body.

      Before the pump is started, it is not filled with enough water. Sometimes it seems that the water has overflowed, but it is still not filled. There is air in it. It is very simple to solve this problem. Just make sure it is really filled when filling.

      The water pump has been worn or the packing has been pressed too loose for a long time, resulting in a large amount of water ejected from the gap between the packing and the pump shaft sleeve, and air will enter it, affecting the water lifting. The maintenance equipment shall be updated regularly and preventive measures shall be taken.



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