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      What if the water pump of the car washer doesn't come out

      When using the water pump of the car washer, there is no water, which means it can't be used. Don't panic when you encounter problems. First, understand the reasons for this problem.

      Car washer water pump When there is air in the water inlet pipe and pump body, the pump will stop running. Before starting, it will discharge air, which reduces the residual air in the water inlet pipe and pump body. If the joint is tilted upward, there will be air in the water inlet pipe, which reduces the vacuum degree in the water pipe and pump and affects water absorption. The low rotating speed of the water pump of the car washer is also the reason why the water cannot be discharged. There are some artificial factors and the factors of the water pump itself. If some motors are damaged, it may be uncomfortable to match one motor at will, and the effect will be ignored. There is also a quality problem, and there is a problem that has not been repaired in time, resulting in a bigger fault.



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