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      Technical requirements before installation of intelligent pump

      Before installing the intelligent pump, it is necessary to confirm the length and height of the inlet pipe, which should not exceed the allowable suction range of the pump. Check the part of the inlet pipeline, and it is required that there is no air leakage to ensure good sealing performance, even if there is an air leakage, it will affect the water supply effect of the pump.

      Intelligent pump Many friends covet the temporary low price when installing the intelligent pump, and the products they choose are not very good. In fact, this is not recommended, but they should be selected according to the actual situation. After the installation, the use effect can also get the ideal effect. Once it is installed, it will increase the use cost. When installing the intelligent pump, try not to fix it on the bracket welded by channel steel, because there are too few contact surfaces between the channel steel and the pump. On the one hand, long-term use will cause damage, and the intelligent pump cannot be supported later.



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