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      Is the installation and operation of water pump of car washer simple

      In fact, the installation of the water pump of the car washer is not complicated. As long as you look at the drawings, the installation can be completed smoothly, especially for common friends. The difficulty is that you just touch the water pump and don't know where to start.
      Water pump of car washer
      Before installing the water pump of the car washer, the length and height of the inlet pipeline must be determined, and whether the installation position can meet the use requirements, that is, the allowable suction range, and there shall be no air leakage. For the fully sealed pipeline, even if there is a hole of the size of a pinhole, it will affect the normal operation of the water pump.

      When installing the water pump of the car washer, try not to fix it on the welded support of the channel steel, which will affect the service quality, especially for outdoor use. If the channel steel is not handled properly, it will also rust, which will rust the water pump. For the service life of the water pump, it is also necessary to select the position and fixed support.



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