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      What kind of flow is greater for intelligent pump

      Select the intelligent pump with large flow and control the flow when using it. The use of this pump is more convenient. Although it is intelligent operation, it also depends on which one has larger flow and is more convenient for ordinary use.

      When purchasing an intelligent pump, first understand your own needs. If you need a flow of 900l per minute, you should choose an intelligent pump with large flow. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the choice of motor. It needs to be considered whether 50Hz motor or 60Hz motor. Different motor speeds must be different. If you use the wrong motor, the motor will be burned out.

      The intelligent self-priming pump with large flow shall be equipped with a motor with relatively high horsepower value, and the flow of 900 (L / min) shall be equipped with a 7. P motor. The horsepower matching is appropriate, which is convenient for subsequent use, will not cause motor damage, and can prolong the service life.



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