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      Solve the problem of adding water every time the intelligent pump is used.

      Friends who often use the intelligent pump may encounter a problem, that is, they need to add water every time they use it, which adds an extra process. If this situation did not exist before, it only appeared after a period of use, indicating that there is a problem with the intelligent pump, and it is also very simple to solve this problem.

      On the one hand, check whether the intelligent pump itself needs to add water every time. If it is not this type, then check the reasons. Only when the reasons are found can it be convenient to solve the problem. There is a full-automatic control system based on vacuum pump in the intelligent pump, which will automatically help the self-priming pump to exhaust and divert water, and will automatically stop when the water is pumped up. If the intelligent pump with small flow rate is selected, the system upgrade of the intelligent pump can be realized through the optimization and upgrade of the system, so that the intelligent pump can work better and absorb water without adding water.



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