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      What are the methods of saving energy and reducing consumption of garden humidification pump

      The use of garden humidification pump is the equipment prepared for garden daily sprinkler irrigation. Sometimes it runs all day. The energy consumed by long-time operation is relatively large. How to reduce the consumption needs us to learn and save expenses.

      Garden humidification pump

      To save energy and reduce consumption, first of all, determine whether the output of the pump is reasonable, find out the resistance of the whole system and eliminate the resistance in order to run more smoothly without affecting the operation of the garden humidification pump. On this basis, the pump is transformed and configured according to the total water supply. On the premise of ensuring safety, the system operates under low water pressure to make the operating condition consistent with the working condition of the pump.

      Select the materials required for the pump body. The service life of a garden humidification pump can be maintained for more than 4 years. Try to choose a low-cost and easy to cast humidification pump. Among them, stainless steel is a good choice. Of course, the specific choice should be based on the actual situation. Give full play to the potential of the motor when it is allowed to click the output, of course, on the premise of ensuring the due service life of the motor.



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