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      Selection skills of water pump model of car washer

      There are many models of water pumps. Some friends don't know how to choose when purchasing. The selection of water pump for car wash is not complex. First, we know its use way and its application in car wash. It's easy to choose if we determine the purpose, and then choose according to the model of vacuum cleaner, which is more convenient.

      As long as the use purpose of the water pump for the car washer is determined, it will be convenient for later selection. As long as it is a perfectly matched product, it can play its role. The model can only be selected according to the car washer, understand the specific model, and then go to the market for targeted purchase to understand the structure of the water pump, sealing, lubrication, cooling system, transmission medium, motor, material, coupling Instruments, electrical appliances, processes, etc. it is also convenient to understand these models.

      When selecting the water pump of the car washer, you will find that there are some letters, and the flow is represented by "Q", which refers to the medium quality that the pump needs to deliver per unit time. Head is indicated by "H": it refers to the height required for pump operation. These data are the reference indicators to help us select the pump model. The more detailed we know, the more we can choose the matching model.



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