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      When can the garden humidifying pump be used

        In China's urban construction, there will be a place of rest, or a city park or a dynamic botanical garden. For the cultivation of plants, the most important is water. In many gardens, the garden humidifying pump will be used for irrigation work, so when will these garden humidifying pumps be used?

        In spring, summer, autumn and winter irrigation time is different, spring is still in the lower temperature season, the watering of the plant needs to be carried out at noon, the spring sunshine is not strong, the plant is not sunburnt, The spring to the garden plant's humidification is also the wake-up work for the whole winter plant. In that summer, the sun is warm, the temperature is high, the respiration of the plant is strong, and for the large amount of water demand, the humidifying work of the garden is generally carried out in the morning or in the evening, so as to avoid the hot and hot sun and the sunburn of the plants at noon. In the autumn, it is also necessary to make water supply to the plants, because the plants will have to spend the whole winter, and to increase the irrigation strength and protect the plants in the time of the autumn. Verify that the moisture storage is adequate. In winter, no irrigation is required, because the temperature of the winter is low, the soil is hardened, the soil of the irrigation water is frozen soil, and the root of the plant is not good.



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