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      Industry new

      The advantages of our small yellow pump

      Pump is pressurized pressure, water pumping equipment, there are a lot of pump sellers on the market, when entering the small equipment market, many businesses have their own pumps. The company produces small yellow pump, then the advantages of our small yellow pump are as follows.

      The company's small yellow pump adopts American imported engineering plastics, which has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fall resistance, acid and alkali resistance, strong temperature resistance, stable physical properties and so on. In detail, all the screws are stainless steel of 304material, new material of pump body, pure copper of motor, valve core and appearance obtained national patent certificate, and the pump pressure switch of our company is strictly tested, contact sterling silver, beating life more than 30 million times.

      And the company's small yellow pump has high-quality after-sales service, can continue to protect your products.



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