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      Installation process of tap water booster pump

        The water flows to the low position, and it is a lot of ways to bring the water from the low place to the high place. Now we make the tap water booster pump, so that the water can be drained from the low place to the high place. For ease of use, we're here to learn about the installation of the running water booster pump. First, to find a suitable location, the installation position of the booster pump is to be found at the time of installation. The booster pump is installed flush with the water surface on the water pipe and is parallel to the water flow direction. When installing the pipe, care should be taken to minimize the pipe fluid resistance, so the pipe is not too much bent and as straight as possible. In order to enhance the control of the water injection of the booster pump, a check valve shall be added to the installation. At the same time, a filter can be installed in front of the intake pipe to filter the sediment, rust, suspended matter and other impurities in the tap water, so as not to let the impurities into the pump body, damage the impeller and affect the use.

      The installed tap water booster pump can be tested to see if the tap water booster pump works normally and can be debugged in time.



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