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      Precautions for installation of booster pump of water purifier

      Booster pump of water purifier

      The water purifier is a very popular water purifier in the family. It can filter the water quality. It will be used together with the booster pump of the water purifier when it is used. Its installation is also skilled.

      When the booster pump of water purifier is installed, a valve shall be installed. In order to use and maintain later, the pipeline of booster pump shall be closely connected, especially the water inlet pipeline shall not leak, otherwise, the head of booster pump will be reduced, or the water will not be pumped at all.

      The operation of booster pump of water purifier can not be without electric device. The motor coil is equipped with safety protector. When the temperature rise of motor exceeds the specified value due to pump failure or water pumping failure, the booster pump can automatically open the circuit. When the temperature rise and fall of the motor are eliminated, the booster pump can automatically resume operation. In order to use safety, three socket with grounding must be used in the installation, which is an important index requirement for the installation of home appliances.



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